User behavior

Find out more about protected users

In the User behavior section, you can see all your users listed from the most risky to the least. If you wonder why a user was assigned a certain risk, you can look into their detail .

The detection of user risk is automatic in Safetica NXT. To fine-tune it, you can:

  • adjust protection policies and data classifications, which allows you to specify and protect sensitive data in your company
  • visit the Destination section and adjust Safe and Untrusted destinations
  • visit the Shadow IT section and decide which app and website activities are considered risky or safe in your company


In User behavior, you can: 

see the risk of individual users

A user's risk is a numerical evaluation assigned to each user based on their activity. The higher the number, the more suspicious is the user's activity. It may serve as a signal that a deeper analysis of the user's behavior might be needed.

see each user's detail:

    • Risk analysis tab - more detailed reasoning for the user's risk and a list of their top risky app and website activities.

Click the Files impacting user risk number to see all the files that influenced that particular user's risk.

    • User behavior tab - on the left, there is Activity analysis - analysis of the general period in which the user works + events that happened outside their regular working hours. On the right, there is a list of the most frequently visited apps and websites of that user.

click the link to filter out high-risk users

see when and on which device the user was last active and what data-related suspicious events they performed


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