How to find out what types of sensitive data you have in your company

Learn to use our Data categories charts to gain insight into the types of sensitive data that leave your company or are stored in your environment.

Information in this article applies to Safetica ONE 10 or older.

You can use our Data categories chart to investigate either:

  • data at rest - the results of data discovery tasks - to find out what kinds of data you have stored in your company
  • data in motion - files that leave your company and were "caught" by one of your DLP policies


Results of data discovery tasks

To see what kinds of sensitive info are stored in your environment, go to Protection > Data categories, click the Records view and have a look at the Data categories chart. It shows you, how much data you have per each category. Click individual data categories in the chart to filter the whole view.

You can display the breakdown of categories grouped by PCs. This will help you find where sensitive data is stored and where you can look for specific files that contain sensitive info.



Dynamic data-in-motion records

To see what kinds of sensitive data was sent out of the company and "caught" by DLP policies, go to Protection > DLP logs. The same chart is also available in Discovery > Files.