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Web control and Application control changes
Posted by Michael Skoupý, Last modified by Štěpán Horký on 11 June 2019 03:34 PM

Safetica 8.3 brought several changes related to Web control and Application control modules. These changes are related to product changes made to improve the usability and performance of these modules.

Web control changes

Rules based on IP addresses are no longer supported. If there were any rules based on IP addresses, they remain visible in Safetica Management Console, so you can replace them with rules based on the domain names. Safetica endpoints older than 8.3 process the IP based rules, so there is no behavior change. However, if you update Safetica endpoints to 8.3 version, the IP based rules will be ignored. Therefore, the IP based rules have to be converted to domain name rules.

Let's suppose you have the following rules created:

As the IP based rules cannot be edited, you need to create a new rule based on a domain name corresponding to the IP address in question.

Application control changes

Safetica 8.3 brings several changes in the Application control module focused on ease of use. The most important changes are:

  • White-listing mode is no longer supported due to potential problems related to its misconfiguration.
  • The option to block the applications run from an external device has been removed.
  • Microsoft Store applications are categorized now.
  • Identification of Microsoft Store applications has changed.

Let's see some of these changes in more detail:

White-listing mode has been removed due to possible problems related to unintentional blocking of some applications that may be essential. Should there be any tree nodes set to whitelisting mode, their settings will be erased.

The most significant change, however, is the change of Microsoft Store applications identification. The application identification has been extended to allow their proper categorization. Therefore, it's now possible to block even the Microsoft Store applications based on their category. If you created e.g. a rule that blocks the Games category, even the Microsoft Store games will be blocked now without the need to specify them explicitly. However, due to this change, if there were any rules used to block specific Microsoft Store applications, they have to be recreated.

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