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How to set up Sensitive content category
Posted by Maroš Kirňák, Last modified by Štěpán Horký on 11 June 2019 01:30 PM
  1. Open Safetica console and go to DLP - Data categories section
  2. Select data category Sensitive content and enter a name for the category (e.g. "content test"). Click OK. Next click the checkmark icon in the upper right corner to save the category.
  3. Next click on Configure sensitive content. Here you can select either predefined sensitive content as birth numbers, or credit card numbers or create your own keywords and regular expressions and click ok.
    1. To learn more about regular expressions please refer to: How to tag files based on their content with Safetica
  4. Click on Set up and run discovery task. Type in the name of the rule (e.g. “content test”), below you can select desired computers on which the task will be applied and click next.
  5. In rule settings, you will be prompted to specify path for the discovery task (e.g. “C:\test”) and extensions of files which content will be scanned (e.g. .txt). After you enter required data, click on finish and then on the checkmark icon in the upper right to save the task. 
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