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Posted by Dana Balaštíková, Last modified by Dana Balaštíková on 19 May 2020 09:59 AM

Team Mood is a feature of Safetica Mobile that continually surveys how members of your team feel not only when they work in the office but also remotely. You can see whether they are all right or frustrated, have tech-related or communication issues or whether they feel ill. By quickly discovering potential problems, you might be able to prevent employee fluctuation, spiteful behavior, decrease of concentration, or the number of errors made.

The feature must first be enabled in WebSafetica in Management > General > Safetica Mobile Settings > Team Mood. It may take 1-2 hours for Team Mood to be activated on mobile devices.

Afterwards, a pop-up notification is displayed to the users of Safetica Mobile, where they can select one of five different mental and health states. Notifications are displayed every working day at 12:00. Users can also submit their Team Mood info by clicking the Team Mood option on the Device info page.


Results are synced once per hour with WebSafetica and displayed in Behavior Analysis > Team Mood. There is a chart showing how many people gave each answer. In Records, you can find the answers of individual users for specific days.

Team Mood is a simple tool that enhances our Behavior Analysis concept and facilitates the prevention of human errors and company data risks across the board.

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