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The last supported version of Safetica for Windows XP
Posted by Štěpán Horký, Last modified by Jiří Hošek on 02 July 2019 05:05 PM

Safetica version 8.4.82 is the last version which is supported in Windows XP operation system. Updating a client on endpoint with Windows XP to version 9 or newer will result in a fail. Nevertheless, it is possible to use client version 8 with server version 9 but there might be limited functionality.

If you want to update your current older version of Safetica to version 8.4.82 you have to do it manually. Go to Maintenance -> Update and Deploy -> Update options and insert temporary URL:

You may as well perform a new installation of Safetica - installer could be downloaded here:

In case you have already a newer version of Safetica on your server, you can prepare installation pack 8.4.82 only for specific computers with WinXP. 

1) Download installer for version 8.4.82:

2) Extract installation pack for agent and client from this installer (Run Installation pack as "Manual installation and component extraction" -> Choose Safetica management agent and Safetica endpoint client)

3) Go to Maintenance -> Endpoint management -> Install/update button -> choose New package and insert links to agent and client on version 8.4.82 

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