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List of changes in Safetica 9.0
Posted by MiloŇ° Blata on 13 September 2019 12:55 PM

Important technological changes in Safetica 9.0:

  • Support for Windows XP, Server 2003 and 2008 has been discontinued
  • .NET 4.5.2 is required for Safetica Management Service and endpoint clients (the latest version is automatically installed on the endpoints)

New in Safetica 9.0

  • New, unified and simplified DLP policy system:
    • Manage all your DLP settings from a single view
    • Save time by using predefined policy templates or reusing existing policies
    • Channel Control has been integrated into the new DLP policies
    • Security priority is now managed by DLP policy order
    • Configuration is automatically converted during the update. Old DLP rules, Security policies and Channel Control configuration will all be available as DLP policies.
    • DLP protocol has been renamed to DLP logs and cleaned up to show more relevant records
  • WebSafetica:
    • An on-demand security audit report is now available
    • Redesigned and expanded Server and Endpoint Management views
    • Improved mobile device management views
    • Azure AD user identification in Office 365 view
  • Protect sensitive data from entering cloud drives using DLP policies
  • New and improved technology for blocking screen capture
  • New built-in algorithm for detecting Canadian social insurance numbers
  • Desktop instant messengers can now be whitelisted for DLP policies by changing their category (same as web based instant messaging applications)
  • Network ports are now automatically detected for applications; port configuration is no longer needed and has been removed
  • Optimized validation of web site certificates, increasing security and preventing issues with non-standard certificates
  • Configurable assignment enables flexible license distribution
  • Revised and simplified end user notifications
  • Improved support for selected CAD applications
  • Many technological enhancements and optimizations for improved performance

Discontinued in Safetica 9.0

  • The "Default action" zone setting has been removed; you can now specify this more transparently by using a separate DLP policy for the default action and placing it below your zone-specific policies
  • The "Safetica Bitlocker devices" setting is no longer available and your encrypted devices will behave the same way as other external devices; you can change this by adding your encrypted devices to a special zone and creating a DLP policy to manage it
  • E-mail attachment control has been discontinued, now you can manage e-mail in general