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List of changes in Safetica 8.0
Posted by Miloš Blata on 13 September 2019 12:51 PM

This list contains the main changes, improvements and bug fixes in Safetica 8.0 released on April 25, 2018.

  • Channel Control: A brand new feature for restricting data flow and sensitive data transfers in outgoing communication channels: e-mail, web upload and instant messaging applications.
  • More accurate detection of sensitive data: Improved accuracy of existing predefined algorithms and dictionaries, with four new regional and financial algorithms.
  • Enhanced configuration of data detection: Regular expressions support matching of multiple words; improved user experience with input validation; expressions are not case sensitive any more.
  • Compatibility with third party data classification: Ability to connect to existing file classification technologies based on document metadata.
  • Connectivity to enterprise stack: Support for multiple active directories; connectivity to external active directory; enhanced SIEM support with reporting admin actions.
  • Web console: All important events are highlighted on the dashboard; facelift of the user interface based on user experience testing.
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes:
    • Support for integrated OneDrive and SharePoint connectors in desktop applications like MS Office or Adobe Reader
    • More accurate detection of user actions in Windows 10
    • Better user experience in Bitlocker device management and the DLP protocol sensitive data logs
    • Detected conflicting hardware is listed in Safetica Console’s Integration settings and can be whitelisted
    • System restore point is now created when installing or updating Safetica clients
    • Fixed occasional bugs in DLP restrictions in Total Commander
    • Improved compatibility with the latest versions of supported web browsers and cloud sync clients
    • Productivity in the web console was moved under the new Behavior Analytics section
    • Yandex browser was added to the list of supported web browsers
    • Added new application category for crypto mining software
    • Added new web category for web-based instant messaging applications
    • Resolved minor compatibility issues with selected third party security software
    • Russian localization

Changes and improvements in previous version Safetica 7.10:

  • Sensitive data results in File tagging can be filtered or sorted by the amount of matches
  • Various improvements of sensitive data detection and filtering file tagging logs
  • Problematic hardware devices can be whitelisted for Safetica in Integration settings
  • The Print Screen hotkey is only registered on client endpoints when needed
  • Fixed download detection for the latest versions of Microsoft Edge
  • Supervisor incidents for Applications, Webs and Print were added to the web console
  • WebSafetica auto-detects ports in use and uses free ones
  • Administrator password can be changed from the web console
  • Mobile devices can be transferred between users in the web console