How to generate appropriate output from the Support Tool when application is not responding

To generate appropriate output, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Enable advanced debug logs (How to enable Active management) and wait until the settings are applied on the client.
  2. Start the Safetica Support Tool application that is located in C:\Program Files\Safetica\Tools.
  3. Click Create application issues report.
  4. Check only Application hangs option. If you know exactly which application causes the problem, then check Focus on application of interest and select the application on the workstation using the open dialog.
  5. Click Run. At this moment the Support Tool will get ready to monitor crashing processes. This preparation can take an extended period of time. As soon as Recording appears in the window, everything is ready.
  6. Reproduce the application hang.
  7. After reproducing the problem, click Reproduced and the Support Tool will prepare the information collected on the “not responding” application. When completed, Finished will appear.
  8. Click the Report button.
  9. Describe details of the issue.
  10. Check Safetica debug logs and Application issues (with a specific date) and click Run.
  11. Output with a .sfx extension will be created.
  12. Upload the .sfx file to and describe the issue.

When creating output from the Safetica Support Tool with the possibility of loading Safetica crash dumps, dump files are loaded from all components of the Safetica solution (Safetica Client, Safetica Management Service, Safetica Management Service). Output can therefore be generated on workstations where only Safetica Management Console or Safetica Management Service is installed.