Websites & Applications policies

Application and Web Control in WebSafetica

Since Safetica 9.8, Application and Web Control can only be managed in WebSafetica > Policies > Websites or WebSafetica > Policies > Applications. In Applications, you can easily define policies for blocking individual applications or application categories across the entire company. In Websites, you can block access to specific websites or web categories. You can also block all websites and allow access to a specified list of URLs.

When creating policies, there are two simple rules to follow:

  1. Policies are evaluated from top to bottom.
  2. First policy to match the scenario is applied and the evaluation is stopped.

This means that rules and exceptions for specific endpoints, users, or groups should be placed on top of the list, while company-wide "catch-all" rules should be at the bottom of the list. 

Sample Web Control scenarios

Example 1: Block all potentially dangerous website categories for all users except management group.



Example 2: The computers and users from WorkShop group should not have any access to websites apart from web category “Intranet”.


Sample Application Control scenario

Application scenario: Deny categories Alternative web browsers, Games, Keyloggers and Miners for the whole company. Allow category Games for management group.