How to create a virtual report

Bookmark a page with set filters and view it when needed.

Besides Scheduled reports, Safetica ONE 11 offers also virtual reports. You can create a virtual report by saving your filter settings as a URL address. The URL of every Safetica ONE 11 console section reflects all the filters, groups, sortings, etc. that you set. When you bookmark such a URL, you can keep coming back to the information you want to view even after you close Safetica ONE 11 console.

If you select Last 7 days, you will always see the last 7 days from the date on which you view the report. If you select a fixed date range, you will always see that range no matter on what date you open the report.


Example: You are interested in creating a report that will show blocked data transfers to the web performed in the last 30 days. If you bookmark the settings, you will be always able to see this filtered info.

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