Reporting in Safetica NXT

Learn how to create your own reports with summary info from Safetica NXT.

Safetica NXT offers 3 types of reports:


Weekly email report

You can activate/deactivate the weekly report (sent every Monday) via Settings > Email notifications > Weekly report toggle.

You can click Send report to receive the report immediately.

The report includes the following info from the last 7 days:

  • Risky events grouped by risk
  • Sensitive data detected by individual data classifications
  • Events detected by each investigation filter
  • The most high-risk users

You can customize the report by creating your own data classifications and investigation filters.

To see more details, click the See all links to investigate in Safetica NXT.


Security Audit Report

To download the Security Audit Report, go to Dashboard > Get one-time report and click Create.

The Security Audit Report is a 30-day summary of your company's data security. It evaluates data flows and risks and also includes data security recommendations. It is vital for self-managed customers. It analyses:

  • Risk of individual users
  • Instant messengers
  • Files sent by email
  • Files copied to USB and other external devices
  • Files uploaded to the web


Virtual report

You can create customized virtual reports by saving your filter settings as investigations. You can then come back to the info you want to view anytime.

Learn how to create investigations here.


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