Policies: Advanced control

Learn how to set up rules in policies more granularly.

In Safetica ONE 11, you can either set the same action for all rules in a policy, or you can activate the Advanced control checkbox and set the action for each rule individually.

The rule list is evaluated from top to bottom, so the first matching rule always applies.


Example: The admin wants to block all file transfers to removable storage and notify users when they upload something to the web. The admin can either create two separate policies (one for web upload and one for removable storage transfers) or check the Advanced control check box and set up web upload and removable storage as two rules within one policy.

With Advanced control, you can also set up different actions for one destination type (for example, based on different destination groups into which the data is transferred).

Example: The admin realizes they need to control web upload differently for different departments. They add an “allow” upload rule for the marketing department and place it above others. Then they decide to block upload to all untrusted destinations and place it under the rule for marketing.

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