FAQ for unified Safetica

Learn the answers to the most pressing questions regarding installation, maintenance, features, licenses, releases, and future plans for unified Safetica.

Article last updated: April 2024.

FAQ: General

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FAQ: Cloud-hosted Safetica




Legacy components

FAQ: Safetica hosted on-premises



Upgrade from Safetica 10



What is unified Safetica and why did you build it?

We created the new unified Safetica that can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud to:

  • Maximize product value by optimizing features and user experience to reflect real use cases.
  • Get Safetica into the cloud and offer customers two hosting options: on-premises or in the cloud
  • Give customers the option to purchase Safetica either based on a license or as a service.
  • Replace Safetica Management Console and WebSafetica with a streamlined web-based management console.
  • Simplify DLP protection by further unifying policies and data classification.
  • Optimize backend performance and response times.

  • Enable future development and product innovations.


What is the licensing model of the new unified Safetica?

The licensing of unified Safetica is user-based. We count active users, not active devices. Also, all detected users are licensed. If a user shouldn’t be licensed, their license can be unassigned.

Learn more about user-based licensing here.  

For more details about the pricing for your region, please contact our sales representative.


How often will there be public releases?

We expect to release public Safetica updates at least once in 2-4 weeks. 


Can I switch from using Safetica hosted on-premises to cloud-hosted Safetica or vice versa? 

It is not possible to transfer your old records or configurations from Safetica hosted on-premises to cloud-hosted Safetica, nor from cloud-hosted to on-premises.

If you want to change over from one environment to the other, you need to create the environment entirely from scratch (i.e. install Safetica on your server or create a new Safetica customer in Azure).


What languages are supported?

To learn more about languages supported in Safetica console, click here.


Where can I set the language of Safetica notifications shown to end users?

To learn more about languages in Safetica notifications for end users, click here.


How do I uninstall Safetica Client from devices? 

Learn how to uninstall Safetica Client from a device here


Backwards compatibility

Unified Safetica is backwards-compatible with Safetica Clients 10.4 and newer.

Older Safetica Clients are not backwards-compatible, and an update to Safetica 10.4 (or newer) will be required to allow an automatic update to the new unified Safetica.



Where is cloud-hosted Safetica hosted?

The cloud version of Safetica is hosted in an Azure data center located in the European Union. Therefore, it follows all the security standards of Azure. Safetica is also a certified Microsoft partner, and when building the unified Safetica, we followed all Microsoft best practice recommendations.
Should you need more details about the security of this solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@safetica.com.

We're planning to host Safetica in data centers in other regions as well. For more details, contact us at support@safetica.com.


How do I install cloud-hosted Safetica?

Your Safetica partner will create the Safetica environment for you. From April 2024, you will also be able to register for a Trial on Safetica website.

To install Safetica Clients on your devices, follow these steps.


Can I update cloud-hosted Safetica?

You do not need to manually update Safetica server, it is updated automatically every Thursday morning.

To update Safetica Clients on your devices, follow these steps.


How can I uninstall cloud-hosted Safetica?

You do not have to uninstall anything. When your subscription ends, your environment will be deleted. You can also ask your Safetica partner to delete your Safetica environment.

Safetica Clients will be uninstalled from your devices automatically after the environment is deleted.


What will happen to Safetica NXT?

We decided to merge Safetica NXT with the roadmap for the new Safetica and develop both products together. Safetica NXT in its original form will be discontinued and will transform into unified Safetica. By replacing Safetica NXT with unified Safetica, we can bring you a product that:

  • is more powerful
  • has more configuration options
  • will enable more innovations in the future.


What happens to my admin accounts from Safetica NXT?

Your admin accounts will be transferred to the unified Safetica. You will then see them in Settings > Accounts and permissions, where you can also manage them. Learn more about Accounts and permissions here.


What features of Safetica NXT have been discontinued?

See what new features the unified Safetica brings to Safetica NXT users and what features have been discontinued here.


Can I update Safetica hosted on-premises?

Yes, you can perform updates from older Safetica versions to newer ones. Learn more about updating your Safetica Server here and about updating Safetica Client on your devices here.


I’m using Safetica 10; how do I upgrade to the new unified Safetica?

Unified Safetica is a full-featured product but does not yet include the entire feature set of Safetica 10. Throughout 2024, the feature set of the new unified Safetica will be gradually expanded.

Upgrades are available for Safetica 10.4 users who meet requirements and use a compatible configuration.

If you are interested in the upgrade, please contact Safetica Support at support@safetica.com.

Learn about unified Safetica requirements and supported Safetica 10 features.

Learn how to perform the upgrade from Safetica 10 to the unified Safetica.



What happened to Safetica Management Console and WebSafetica?

Unified Safetica includes a new web-based management console that replaces the now-discontinued WebSafetica.

Safetica Management Console in its original form was discontinued too and was transformed into Safetica Maintenance Console:

  • Safetica Maintenance Console serves for advanced (mostly maintenance) use cases that are not yet supported in the new web-based Safetica console.

  • Safetica Maintenance Console is no longer part of the standard product installer. It needs to be downloaded separately and is available here.

Safetica feature set is gradually migrated from Safetica Maintenance Console to the new web-based Safetica console. Once all functionality has been migrated, Safetica Maintenance Console will be deprecated.


When will features be completely migrated to the new web-based Safetica console?

Throughout 2024, the feature set of unified Safetica will be gradually expanded. Each release will introduce some new features to the web-based Safetica console and remove them from Safetica Maintenance Console. Once we reach feature parity with what was available in Safetica 10, we will completely sunset the desktop Safetica Maintenance Console.