Accounts and permissions: How to add a new account

Add new accounts that can access Safetica ONE 11 and set up their permissions.

To create a new account:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts and Permissions and click Add account.
Enter the Email address and Password that will be used for signing in.

Passwords can only be changed by an account with Administrator permissions (Full access). If a user forgets their password to Safetica ONE 11, they must ask the admin to change their password.

Enter the Full name of the account. This is a user-friendly name used throughout the console for better identification.

Assign appropriate teams to the account. By default, the Whole company is assigned, but you can change it to other teams via the List all teams link.

The selected teams apply only to the User data access permission described below.

Select what access permissions the account will have:
        a.  User data – this access permission is bound to the teams selected above and applies to the whole Analyze section in Safetica ONE 11. The user tree is filtered, so that the account can only display data of the team members. See how it works in practice here.

All the other access permissions are global and not bound to any particular team. They apply to the Whole company.

        b.  Policies – accounts with this permission can view and edit protection policies.
        c.  Workspace, data classification, and category management – accounts with this permission can view and edit data classifications, app and website categorization, and the company workspace.
        d.  Users and device management - accounts with this permission can view and edit users, teams, and devices in the Users and Devices sections.
        e.  Settings and configuration – accounts with this permission can view and edit the whole settings section.


Example: The admin creates a new account with User data permissions for the Design team.

Such an account will only see users and records from the Design team in the Data, Applications, and Websites sections in Analyze. They will not see the records and users from any other teams, and grayed-out NO VIEWING labels will be displayed in their user tree.

If the account selects such a grayed-out team in the user tree, they will see no records.

If the account selects Whole company in the user tree, they will only see records from the Design team.


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