How do I update from Safetica ONE 10 to Safetica ONE 11

Update from Safetica ONE 10 to Safetica ONE 11 is not yet available, but it is coming in 2023.

Also, some of the previously available features won't be supported in Safetica ONE 11 for now. The update will be blocked if you use an unsupported feature. To perform the update, you either need to wait until future releases, or you may consider changing your configuration to disable the unavailable features.

As of June 2023, there are the following unsupported features that block updates:

Unsupported feature


Bitlocker devices

Unavailable to new customers, coming later

Bitlocker disks

Unavailable to new customers, coming later

Device control

Temporarily unavailable, coming soon

User-based data classification

Coming later

On-demand data discovery tasks

Coming later

Offline license activation

Coming later

Advanced DLP policies:

  • Local path DLP policy rule

  • Exclusive access DLP policy rule

  • Network DLP policy rule

  • Application DLP policy

To be considered later

Safetica UEBA+ features

To be considered later

Disk guard

Discontinued in Safetica ONE 11


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